Promote Deeper Sleep Lyophilized Polypeptide DSIP CAS 62568-57-4 99% Puriy

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Name: Dsip MF: C35H48N10O15
MW: 848.81 CAS: 62568-57-4
Appearance: White Powder Purity: 99%min
Shelf Life: 2 Years
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Lyophilized Polypeptide DSIP


Deeper Sleep Polypeptide DSIP


62568-57-4 Polypeptide DSIP

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Promote Deeper Sleep Lyophilized Polypeptide DSIP CAS 62568-57-4 With 99% Puriy

Promote Deeper Sleep Lyophilized Polypeptide DSIP CAS 62568-57-4 99% Puriy 0

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White Powder



Shelf Life

2 years


What Is Dsip


The DSIP or the Delta sleep-inducing Peptide is a somnogeneric nonapeptide that impacts the neuromodulation. It is typically found in the brain and passes by the blood barriers quite quickly. Studies have shown that DSIP and as well as its analogs are classified as peptide neuromodulators.


Studies have also shown that DSIP has exhibited a stress-protective action that helps decrease stress metabolic disorders for humans and animals.


It is believed that the Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide works in such a way that it modulates the activity of GABAergic gluta and other neuronal systems too.


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Research of Dsip


Depression, Chemical Imbalances, and DSIP


The finding that DSIP can alter mitochondrial activity in hypoxic settings led scientists to investigate the mechanism by which the peptide has this effect. It turns out that DSIP restricts changes in monoamine oxidase type A (MAO-A) and serotonin levels[8]. This finding, of course, suggested to the researchers that the peptide may have an impact on the course of depression.


Analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid of patients suffering from major depression has revealed decreased levels of DSIP compared to controls[9]. Given the strong link between sleep and depression, it should come as no surprise that a peptide involved in regulating sleep cycling could also play a role in the development of depression. To date, there has been no attempt to treat depression by normalizing DSIP levels. The peptide, has, however, been linked to changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and may play a role in suicidal behavior.


DSIP Research in Withdrawal and Addiction

Trials investigating the ability of DSIP to reduce withdrawal symptoms during opiate and alcohol detoxification have found that the peptide may have substantial benefit. In one study of 107 patients presenting with symptoms of alcohol or opiate withdrawal, 97% and 87%, respectively, showed complete resolution of withdrawal symptoms or significant improvement. Interestingly, opiate withdrawal proved to be more refractory to treatment, requiring more DSIP injections over a longer period of time. Withdrawal, particularly from alcohol, can be a life-threatening condition, making any advances in treatment of the condition signficant.


DSIP Research and Cancer Prevention

A lot of cancer research focuses on curing the disease once it has been diagnosed. A smaller, but growing segment of researchers, however, are interested in preventing cancer from developing in the first place. The majority of focus is on stimulating the immune system, via a so-called cancer vaccine, to seek out and eliminate cancerous cells before they spread. Research in mice, however, suggests that DSIP may have better cancer prevention effects than any vaccine tested to date. In the study, female mice were given DSIP on 5 consecutive days of every month starting at the age of 3 months and persisting until their death. Treated rats showed a 2.6-fold decrease in the development of tumors. This remarkable reduction in cancer occurrence was accompanied by a 22.6% decrease in the frequency of chromosomal defects in bone marrow.


DSIP Being Tested as Cancer Adjuvant

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is changes in central nervous system functioning. These changes can include impaired motor control, behavioral alterations like depression, and problems with language. Children undergoing chemotherapy are especially vulnerable to CNS alterations following cancer treatment. A recent study suggests that DSIP can correct these CNS alterations or prevent them from occurring in the first place[. At least part of this effect may be explained by the selective effects of DSIP on blood supply to the brain. Research in rats indicates that DSIP and its alternative preparation Deltaran, increase blood supply significantly in the setting of CNS stresses like ischemia and chemotherapy. In fact, in an animal model of cerebral ischemia, animals given Deltaran survived 100% of the time compared to just 62% of controls. By boosting blood flow in the brain, DSIP can encourage healing and reduce metabolic damage.


DSIP May Have Widespread Physiologic and Muscle-Building Effects


DSIP was first found in the brains of rabbits during slow-wave sleep and has since been associated with sleep and central nervous system regulation of sleep-wake cycles. Interestingly, however, is the fact that no one knows where or how DSIP is synthesized. Levels of DSIP are as high in peripheral tissues as they are in tissues of the CNS, suggesting that the peptide may be made outside of the CNS and that its primary function may not involve sleep at all.


There is also speculation that DSIP may be a hypothalamic hormone that regulates more than just sleep in the same way that growth hormone, for instance, regulates more than bone and muscle growth. In one study, DSIP was found to inhibit somatostatin, a protein produced in muscle cells that inhibits muscle growth. By inhibiting somatostatin, DSIP contributes to hypertrophy and hyperplasia in skeletal muscle. These direct inhibitory effects seem odd for a peptide originally thought to be primarily involved in sleep promotion. This has led some scientists to speculate that research has missed the mark where DSIP is concerned and that the peptide might have a larger, more universal role in regulating human physiology.



Further contributing to the idea that DSIP may be more than CNS peptide is the fact that it has been found, in animal models, to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, thermogenesis, and the lymphokine system. Some of these effects appear before any clinical or laboratory signs of sleep, indicating that DSIP may actually play a role in altering physiology to prepare the body for sleep onset.


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Muscle Growth Thymosin Beta 4 99% TB 500 5mg/vial CAS: 77591-33-4 2


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